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Watch the space for these top designers coming to with their latest designs


DESIGNERE3DRF Thabiso Jeffrey Khumalo is a leather product designer born in Soweto, South Africa. His passion for fashion especially with shoes came in grade 10 when he didn’t have school shoes and had to wear sandals. This did not deter him from his dreams but became an inspiration. Jeffery uses high quality African made leather, to hand-make his sandals, belts and leather suspenders. He also works with a beads artist who puts the African feel to his designs. He is also inspired by different people with different taste when coming to fashion, and seeks to accommodate everyone with his sandals from poor, middle class to rich. His brand JeffreyK is constructed from his middle name Jeffrey and K from his surname, Khumalo. The JeffreyK brand accommodates everyone from kids to old people, its, simple, stylish and affordable. Thabiso’s focus is on the quality of the brand. He is an open-minded person, ready to learn, open to suggestions. He draws his inspiration from anything he comes across, from traditional attires, fashion shows and is always on the lookout at what people are wearing and think of what he can add to their attires to spice them up. Having an engineering background has been an added advantage to him because it requires a lot of sketching and he has used this skill to design his sandals. JeffreyK has mostly been designing for Traditional ceremonies white weddings. Recently he has been invited to apply for a job at Louis Vuitton after he sent them some of his work made using their old Louis Vuitton bags. 


Bongiwe Gama: African design accessories
Bongiwe Gama is one young energetic lady who has mastered the art of traditional handcraft. Born in Mbabane, Swaziland a country that embraces and upholds its own unique and ancient traditions which are richly embedded in the traditional wear, she had a sixth sense of art and beauty is engraved within her. Currently Bongiwe is a third-year student pursuing a degree in B.A Humanities at the University of Swaziland. She is passionate about sewing, travelling, reading, styling hair. Her brand accommodates young, old who want to look vibrant and colorful in African ornaments. She would like her product to reach a broader market, not only within the Southern African region She draws much of her inspiration from African patterns and colour as well as Swazi culture. In most of her pieces she uses the traditional Swazi material locally known as “emahiya”. These are colourful pieces of cloth ranging from green, red and yellow. Growing up, she used to wear the traditional dress which consists of the emahiya and the necklace made from beads. All this was too uniform for her because she wanted something different but that could actually match with the emahiya especially for the ladies. Instead of wearing the necklace Bongiwe decided to play around with the pieces of emahiya cloth to make neck pieces and that is how she started her designs. Her brand name MbhoksFunk describes how a traditional Swazi attire can be fused in with her neck pieces making it look modern, classy and yet still maintain the traditional look. She has handcrafted different designs for different clients some of which are prominent socialites and local celebrities. As a newly established designer she has moved from designing for a small clientele base in Mbabane to the whole country. She is keen in marketing her work out of the borders of Swaziland and looks forward to starting her own African accessories boutique.


Carlton Lionel Josiya is a young and ambitious designer born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe who specialises in women’s African attire. Carlton holds a certificate in cutting and designing from Speciss College in Bulawayo. The latter is the second largest city of Zimbabwe and most of its fashion trends are directly influenced by the neighboring South Africa. Growing up in a place where everyone had a unique sense of fashion this influenced Carlton to aspire to be the man responsible for setting the trends and dressing up people from his home town. His label C.L.J has brought a new sparkle to African designer wear in Bulawayo as he fuses in western designs with the African print material and design making his clothing line very unique. C.J.L designs are a concoction of traditional versus modern where African print material is cut out into modern classy designs. His inspiration as a young designer is drawn from his love for African culture and tradition. This deeply embedded appreciation for African culture, colour, pattern and design is evident in his clothing line which has modern pieces for every occasion in African linen. Carlton won the Young Designer of the year Award in Bulawayo and is set to shake the fashion industry in Zimbabwe.
Macylynn Tariro Mabhari- Mambariza: Couture designer

Macylynn Tariro Mabhari- Mambariza born and raised in Chiredzi is a passionate designer who holds a Bachelor Of Science Honours Degree In Clothing Fashion Design from Chinhoyi University of Technology. Tariro believes fashion is unique and diverse and it allows for one’s ideas to be expressed via a number of mediums. She is a performance-driven, self-motivated and dedicated fashion designer with a passion for continuous improvement. An enthusiastic designer who is determined to push past idealistic or superficial concepts to device something new and refreshing. With a deep background and wealth of knowledge in Textiles and clothing design her work continues to evolve into an intuitive rather than a simple collection of ideas. Macylynn’s work is mostly inspired by the people and the things happening around her, art and music. She also does extensive research on distinguished past designers learning from their books and insights appreciating their design concepts and applying that knowledge in a new and different way. Her brand Macylynn Tariro focuses on ready to wear and Haute Couture designer apparel for both men and women in all sizes, body shapes and types. The products range from men’s apparel as well as women’s apparel from formal wear, casual wear, and resort wear. She also has a line of a combination of reversible and convertible clothing which is one garment that can be worn up to five times five different ways with more than two colors on those styles. Tariro is also venturing into work out gear, swim wear and resort wear and would also like to have a line of cosmetics, accessories ranging from jewelry, bags, eyewear, headgear, belts, scarves and hats. Her vision is to become the industry leader in branded apparel, accessories and footwear as well as to help other young and upcoming designs





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